How much panettone and pandoro do you need anyway?

Panettone and pandoro

Panettone, pandoro and a bottle of cheap spumante. How many do YOU go through during the holidays? The stash I’m hugging is another kilo of CuRvE destined for my derriere and there’s nothing I can do about it. On average we gobble about six every holiday season – 3 of each – because aside from purchasing our favorites like Tre Marie and Bauli, there are the panettone and pandoro gifts! Melegatti is from MotH’s boss, Balocco in the festive “New York” tin from my inlaws, the Telethon one purchased from a fundraiser and the Motta pandoro is another preferred brand.

This is one of the season’s ads that has become a sort of amusement between the two of us because MotH does a pretty good job of mimicking the lines without any hint of his northern italian accent. Thank you Domenico Melegaaatti! The really, really funny part though are the behind-the-scenes footage from this ad. The grandpa can’t even say Melegatti correctly on the first go! You just gotta watch the last 75 seconds…hilarious! Dominigo Megalaaaatti!!!!


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