Korean cuisine in Milan: Lee’s

Bossam lunch menu

It’s not often that I get the chance to check out asian restaurants in the big city but last week the opportunity for indulging in a little bit of ethnic food shopping and dining came up so…off I went into Milan with the MotH. I can’t remember how I learned of Lee’s, but their online menu looked so tempting that I figured the other option of doing lunch at the “Filipino Shack” [that’s what it’s called in my guidebook] could wait until next time.

Not wanting to get all wrapped up in a big meal, we opted for the lunch menus (10-15€) which gave a sampling of what variety Lee’s has to offer. I ordered the bossam/steamed pork while MotH got the gaejang (spicy raw crab). Both of our mains came with a salad of finely shredded cabbage, steamed white rice, kimchi and rice flour pancakes. Everything we ate was delicious, starting from the roasted corn tea that starts the meal, to the desserts (extra) that I just had to try out of curiosity. The only odd thing was that my bossam did not come with a pile of lettuce leaves to wrap the pork in, but I imagine that this is just an aspect of the lunch menu to simplify things (I ate the pork with the cabbage). Comfy red leather high back chairs and dark wood give this place a modern feel. Polite service, and I look forward to the next visit and ordering à la carte.

Lunch at Lee's

Coperto (cover charge), hot tea, shredded cabbage w/dressing, rice flour pancakes, rice, kimchi and coffee is included in the lunch menu. The desserts shown are slices of sweetened red bean paste and caramelized fried sweet potato. Below is the dish of spicy seasoned raw crab that was messy to eat but oh so good! Many of the menu items sounded like comfort foods from back home – dolsot bibimbap, ttokkochi, japchae, bulgogi – and a few others not so much which is another reason to return. Lee’s Restaurant & Pub, Viale Lombardia 32


Manna Market

Now I have 3 addresses in Milan that are my preferred places for buying asian ingredients: Kathay on via Rosmini, Mabuhay Philippine Grocery on via Parmigianino and just recently, Manna Market on via G. Pascoli. At first the shop front threw me off as there was a tiny display of foodstuffs in the window, but upon looking in, asian furniture filled the rest of the space. The grocery market is downstairs in a sparsely distributed room with refrigerated case and frozen bins. I’d like to take a better look at the refrigerated space next time (there were bags of takuan and a large tray of fresh tofu among other things) but what ultimately made my day was a bag of taiyaki in the frozen goods. I was actually looking for dorayaki that was mentioned by an italian blogger so this was a big thrill to find. I’ve been savoring each morsel of the sweet red bean paste-filled fishies every time I have one for a snack.


Manna market shopping spree
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