Hiking to the cattedrale vegetale in winter

The abominable snowdoxie

If only Mister B could speak! I know that he would’ve had some choice words for the two of us this past Saturday. Getting to the beginning of the path was easy enough since the roads were plowed, but further on up the snow was left as is. This inevitably became a magnet for skiers wanting a thrill down the winding road, but it was both funny and insane at the same time since they also had their dogs running along beside them (and the dogs were keeping pace!). The few that we did see were very aware of meeting hikers going up but after the first encounter, we kept our two on a leash and stayed close to the side of the path.

Saturday hike in the snow Rudolph the reindeer tree Rudolph the reindeer?

When we reached the cathedral it was a huge surprise to see it surrounded in an untrodden sea of white, but with no easy path to follow, we had to carefully wade our way, knee-deep, through pristine snow. Mr. B got a leg cramp from the cold and in the end we had to carry both of them out and much of the way back down. It snowed again this morning but looks like we’ll have a break for the rest of the week!

Head deep in snow

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