American Donuts (and coffee)…in Milano


If the weather could remain as beautiful as how it was yesterday in Milan, I could stand to go into the city more often, especially for the occasional binge that is Homer Simpson’s favorite breaktime snack. I was flipping through Pappa Mondo’s ethnic restaurant guide to Milano when American Donuts caught my attention. What?! Wish I had heard of them sooner. MotH had business to attend to in the center of town, so when he asked if I’d like to tag along, it was more husband-to-wife rhetoric than anything else.

American Donuts

I love this place!

Which pretty much sums up what I said straight out to the gal at the counter. What really threw me off was that everything was written in english, as if you had just stepped into a tiny shop off of Main Street in the USA. Shall we speak english? italian? how about both! The only type of donuts available are the yeast-raised variety, but they were really good with a scrumptious soft interior and no heavy coat of oily film on the outside.

Inside the donut shop

american-donut.itThe coffee center was another throwback to a familiar atmosphere as I haven’t seen a Bunn setup since working at a bakery years and years ago. I tell you, it was an absolute kick to pour my own coffee (and yes it was as american-tasting as I can remember it ever being) into BIG, ceramic mugs. I love my espresso and adore my cappuccino but nothing compares to that familiar feeling when you heft a coffee mug to your lips.

Donuts aren’t the only thing on the menu and weekend brunches are said to be very popular so this gives me another reason to get breakfast in the city and power up for a full day of shopping. Reservations for brunch strongly advised.


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