How do you like your chestnuts?

Chestnut | Castagna

“I like mine roasted.”
“I like mine boiled.”
“I like mine with polenta taragna and sausages!”

Well, personally I like them steamed, but upon hearing that snippet of conversation between 3 talkative elderly folk, I just knew we had to sit down to our own meal of chestnuts…and soon. This past Sunday saw a long and lazy feast of bratwurst, sauerkraut, speck, cornichons, black bread, cheese, mushrooms and other delicious bites on the table. To drink, a bottle of Teroldego, and in the end we were stuffed like chestnuts in a roasted goose.

Flavors of Sudtirol
Just for starters…sweet, salty, tangy, hot (the horseradish) flavors all on one plate.

Gnocchi tasting
These are store-purchased potato and buckwheat flour gnocchi. They have a firmer texture, with a whole-grain taste from the buckwheat. Half served with meat ragu (beef) and half with brown butter and sage.

Eringi with vanilla sea salt
This was an experiment with eringi mushrooms as I have never seen them in the produce section before. Sauteed in butter, shallots, thyme and white wine until soft and fragrant. I had this sudden idea that vanilla and mushrooms would work well, and it does with Halen Môn’s vanilla sea salt sprinkled on top.

Chestnut krapfen
Entirely different from yeast-risen krapfen pastries, this version is like fried pockets of sweet pastry dough with chestnut paste in between. They are GREAT! I’m still working on a recipe that suits my taste, and then there’s the Mont Blanc dessert to deal with.

It's a chestnut mess in the chestnut forest


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