Sagra del Corzetto

Sagra del CorzettoAs if Napoleon’s victorious chicken dish wasn’t enough, it turned into an even better weekend for sagre in Piemonte when I saw this poster for the Sagra del Corzetto in Pasturana. Corzetti is a ligurian dish but it can also be found on menus where the borders of Piemonte and Liguria meet. There are 2 types: one is shaped like a flat disc and textured with a stamped design, and the other takes on the shape of an hourglass.

This is the first sagra where we went in for corzetti and split. The person taking our order had an incredulous look on his face as if to say – Is that all??! – but we had other plans for lunch so and if you don’t mind…

Corzetti al ragu

It was served with meat ragu and a good sprinkle of parmigiano but you could also have it with butter and sage. I’ve bought dried corzetti at the supermarket before but this…this was FANTASTIC. Fresh pasta never fails to delight the tastebuds.

This video is an interview with a local craftsman that still makes the traditional wooden stamps for corzetti. Watch how corzetti gets it’s unique stamp. The following is the recipe he gives for the pasta dough: 600 grams flour, 3 eggs, a knob of butter, a handful of parmigiano, a glass of water and a pinch of salt.

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