Doggie ear piercing gone bad

Mr. B's "ear piercing"

Still very much a puppy in his antics, size and attitude, that “look” above is the one Mister B gives me when he’s not liking something I’ve done. Actually, he doesn’t even look at me, but stares into space or at a blank wall.

His story:

What happened?? Well, I was, you knows, out there doing security in mine, ehh…I mean, your yard when this peg-legged parrot comes swooping in and tried to carry me off by my ear. I bit his shin like how I bite everbody else’s shin and he flew away.

What really went on:

While barking at a passerby on the shortcut through the woods, Mr. B’s ear became caught on a thorn in rose bushes that edge our lawn. It was a serious enough cut that he was literally bleeding everywhere when he shook those dangling doxie ears. Flappa-flappa-flap! Splatters all over the terrace, the kitchen floor, the area carpet, my shirt, my face! At first I couldn’t tell where the bleeding was coming from, so I put him in the bathtub, and like figuring out the leak in a bicycle tire, sprayed him with water until I found the injury. It took 3 bandages – the first one came right off when he went flappa-flappa-flappa-flap! – and then he gave me grief for holding him down while I attached the rest one by one.

This happened 2 weeks ago. The bandages have already been removed, but he still runs into the rose bushes as if nothing bad ever happened.


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