Sagra delle Fettuccine al Tartufo

XV Sagra fettuccine al tartufo

Civitella Cesi – When I caught a glimpse of this poster en route to my cousins near Rome, no way was I going to pass on it. My reaction was like that of a hound that realizes he has just found one of these precious tubers – lemme at it! The organizers of this event had everything running like clockwork. A list of the menu items/prices was up for inspection before you reached the entrance. Make your order and take the receipt to the cafeteria-style food stand to claim your delectables. Aside from the star dish, you could also opt for ravioli or gnocchetti with truffles. They even had pasta all’amatriciana to keep every taste happy, and the menu included an antipasto mixed plate, mixed grilled meats (with or w/o truffles), tripe stew, beans, fries, wine! The lighting wasn’t the best for photos but you can see the bits of tartufi mixed into the pasta, along with a blob of it on top with grated pecorino.

Fettucine al tartufo

Fettucine celebrations are certainly popular in Lazio because 2½ hrs and about 200km away in the town of Collepardo (Frosinone province), La Sagra delle Fettuccine was on for the 15th (Ferragosto). Served with a tomato-based meat ragu with herbs, this sagra sounds like a ton of fun. A fettuccine-eating contest has competitors trying to be the first one to eat an entire plate of noodles…with hands tied behind their backs.

Boogie down at Sutri

Dancing at Sutri

If Sutri hadn’t been on the way home I may have never witnessed country line-dancing to the tunes of Volare in an italian square. It was perfect for all the reasons that blissfully come to mind when you think of a warm summer’s eve in a little village in Italy. Is it the people? the camaraderie? the generous chunks of watermelon free for the taking? I think it’s all that, and so much more.

Free watermelon at Sutri


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