Scherzi della natura

La panchina

At first sight, just an ordinary park bench (panchina/pahn-kee-nah), right? I had never heard of the above post title until recently while taking in the scenic view of Anguillara Sabazia at Lake Bracciano. A passerby at the lake excitedly urged his friends on to see the scherzi della natura [skehr-tsee deh-lah nah-toohr-ah]. Freaks of nature, oddities, abnormalities, weird but cool stuff. See anything unusual about that lonely bench? Of all the towns settled at the water’s edge, Anguillara is thought to be the prettiest, even more than nearby Bracciano where celebrity couple TomKat tied the knot at Odescalchi Castle. I’m sure they’re all special, but here is where you can find this particular scherzi della natura.

Anguillara Sabazia

Scherzi della natura
Approximate location: Viale Reginaldo Belloni, 31. View full pixel size at flickr.


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