Ladurée in Milano

Ladurée macarons

Well at last I’ve made the much-anticipated trip to Ladurée’s newest shop on via Spadari. And I guess you could say that yesterday’s visit was short & sweet because this dainty dozen, my dear macaron-adoring friends, was all that I came away with. At 16.80€ it is nothing more than frivolous female spending pure indulgence, a little be-good-to-yourself-treat that even Man-of-the-House “MotH” was eager to taste last night with a cup of hot tea. In all there were 15 flavors to choose from – just click on the image for what I got – and so far they are what you’d expect from a high end confectionaire. FYI: the store does NOT carry pastries so if you go there looking for Baisers, Religieuses, Ispahans and so on, you’ll suffer a nervous breakdown like I did. Actually, it’s a good thing that they don’t have them…because then surely MotH would be the one to collapse after viewing the credit card statement.
Location: on via Spadari across the street from Peck.


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