From vineyard to bakery: grape seed flour

Grapeseed flour bread

The potential health benefits of Bacchus’s favorite fruit strikes again. A trip to the bakery yielded this especially interesting find – pan di vitigna, a slim loaf made with the addition of grapeseed meal. The first thing that came to mind was ‘will this be the new “in” food for things that are good for you?’ The texture was similiar to that of other whole grain types of bread and the crust had a sort of crisp-crunchy bite. The taste…well, it didn’t immediately scream grape seeds, but they certainly aren’t like pumpkin seeds which have their own unique flavor. An online search for grape seed flour/farina di semi d’uva turned up 2 primary uses: premium pet food (Belcando to be exact) and beauty treatments.

High amounts of procyanidine in the seeds give way to claims of anti-oxidant properties, so I guess it can’t be all that bad. This reminds me of an incident years ago when MotH and my father-in-law were snacking on some grapes. I was perplexed. Are you guys munching on something else? In Italy it is the norm to eat grapes, seeds and all. To youth and longevity!

Let's break some bread


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