Tapas party: me gusta el pulpo

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Tapas party

Spain’s World Cup win last weekend meant only one sure thing – it’s tapas time! We aren’t avid followers of the sport, but Paul the psychic octopus picked such a good choice that there was every single reason to celebrate. Spanish food and spanish beer go hand in hand on hot summer weekends, yet I have never attempted any of the recipes in my bargain-rack cookbook. The whole tapas experience, when done properly in Spain, is still something that I wouldn’t mind tasting, especially if it involves seafood. Me gusta el pulpo! Once the ball got rolling in the kitchen, I simply could not stop making more stuff. We ate at least half of everything then followed with grapes and cheap gelato. I wasn’t going to add 18 full-size images on this page, so mouseover thumbnails for titles, or click for full details. ¡Hasta la vista!

Me gusta: empanadillas, cojonudas, spicy corn nuts, boquerones, champinones al ajillo, calamares, banderillas, boquerones en adobo, pinchitos moruños, pulpo a la Gallega, pecorino l’ulivo (couldn’t get Manchego cheese), jamón, patatas bravas, spicy almonds, Estrella Damm spanish beer and Hello Kitty gelato.

Me gustan las empanadillas Me gustan los cojonudos Me gustan...salted corn nuts Me gustan los boquerones Me gustan los champinones al ajillo Me gustan los calamares

Me gustan las banderillas Me gustan los boquerones en adobo Me gustan los pinchitos moruños Me gusta el pulpo a la gallega Me gusta... el Pecorino l'Ulivo Me gusta el jamón

Me gustan las patatas bravas Spicy almonds El toro y el queso Carte D'Or summer flavor Hello Kitty gelato Hello Kitty strawberry bits & pieces

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