Happy 4th of July

4th of July 2010

I don’t receive a lot of visitors from my home state of Hawaii so this 4th of July weekend was an extra special one. Cousins from Maui made the 6 hour drive all the way from Rome (where they are currently working on a golf course project, lucky them). What a nice change to have someone other than MotH to speak pidgin english with. Happy 4th!

4th of July 2010

About the bottom right photo: the temperature went up to the mid-80’s but that didn’t deter mosquito warriors in the afternoon. Italian zanzare (zan-ZAH-reh) are nasty, hence my stash of weapons of mosquito destruction.

Potato salad
Can’t celebrate Independence Day without potato salad.

Pork ribs, peking-style
Ditto the finger-lickin ribs.


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