A toast to Babette’s Feast and 7 years of marriage

Of all the memorable meals brought to cinematic life, Babette’s Feast is the one to have whetted my appetite the most – it’s a classic. From the turtle soup (not that I would feel anywhere near okay in eating it) to the quails in “coffins”, it is a movie that slowly starts off in grey somber tones, then explodes in gastronomic color. As the lead character, Babette deftly pulls off a sumptuous affair for a gathering of dour-faced parishioners with absolutely dull palates. Her culinary mojo succeeds in triumphing over all and becomes not only the climax of the story, but a subtle aftertaste as the film draws to a close.

I cooked, I cleaned, I conquered!

7th wedding anniversary eats

Yesterday marked 7 years as MotH & Missus but instead of making reservations, I threw on my apron and started channeling Babette. Tiny quails are as common as white meat chicken at the supermarket (4 for 2.50€) and all I had to do was debone them. Pre-made puff pastry – pasta sfoglia – comes in 13-inch rounds or squares, ready to place into quiche pans or cut out into shapes. This site suggests a fine alternative to turtle soup and the rest of the article is very helpful in simplifying some of the courses without downgrading the feast to an ordinary meal. All in all, it turned out a big success *ahem* even if I ended up washing the dishes.

Cin! Cin! Veuve Clicquot Brut
Consomme a la royale
Buckwheat blinis with creme fraiche and lumpfish caviar
Quails ‘en sarcophage’ with truffle-infused brown sauce (cheat version of Périgourdine sauce)
Salud! Château Latour Martillac Grand Cru
Green salad (from the garden)
Goat cheese from a local producer and french Pont-l’Éveque
Charentais melon, cherries and apricots
Kugelhopf soaked with rum syrup

Quail 'en sarcophage'


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