Goat cheese producer in Val Taleggio

Fresh goat cheese

Fresh goat cheese. So fresh, in fact, that the woman told us that we needed to wait a few minutes as they were still draining in their individual molds. When she arrived carrying a small assortment, the cheese were still releasing the last of their liquids onto a thick layer of paper towels. In another tray sat a few rounds of aged caprino with white, soft crusts. You can eat the whole thing, she says. It’s like eating brie.

Val Taleggio is fast becoming one of our favorite places to visit and I think you can see why. Goat cheese, cows milk cheese, farm-produced salumi and simple hearty cuisine all within a peaceful environment that is invigorating for mind and body. Azienda Il Pavone is easy to spot right away as they have a prominent sign on the main road. Stop the car!!! I just saw a sign for formaggi di capra! We ended up purchasing two to sample and soon realized that we need to get back there again. Fresh goats milk cheese drizzled with olive oil between a warm ciabatta split in half is out of this world!

Follow your nose

Azienda il Pavone
The azienda also opens for restaurant service on weekends.

Dolci acque
Water so pure that you can drink straight from the spigot.

Mama capra
I asked MotH if we could have these miniature goats as pets but he wasn’t going for it.

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