What does Duff beer taste like?

Blech! Maybe because I made a wrong move in trying this with gorgonzola-potato focaccia and shichimi togarashi chicken sticks. Or perhaps it’s the fault of my diminished senses due to a rotten cold. This beer tastes just shy (sniffs deeply from an empty bottle) of something woefully awful. The only thing worth mentioning about Duff is the cute label. MotH said something like “Beck’s with a sweet aftertaste”. I couldn’t even go more than half a glass, it was that bad. Cheap pilsener at an inflated price. Produced in Germany, this is über highway robbery no matter what they say. Simpsonophiles, take note: a 6-pack cost us 17€ worth of donuts. That’s just a little over 23 bucks. Doh!


3 thoughts on “What does Duff beer taste like?

    1. Rowena Post author

      Just thinking about that first taste…awful! The truth is that I still have 3 bottles remaining (way past the expiration date) — come spring, I’ll pour them into the compost bin!



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