McItaly: De gustibus non disputandum est

Or in simple layman’s terms – there’s no accounting for taste. It took MotH less than 5 minutes explaining the complexities of latin before realizing that I was way out of his league. But it took only one bite of the McItaly burger to know that the man who put his stamp of approval on McDonald’s must have been out of his mind. Asiago cheese, artichoke spread and 100% italian beef on an italian bun made with italian olive oil just doesn’t cut it. It was awful, and his burger makes a mockery of american fast food in that not only does it taste weird, but it looks funky as well. Mr. Luca Zaia, minister of agriculture, the Big Mac has you spanked. What have you done??!

You don’t understand the power of the dark side. I must obey my master.

And I believe that pretty much says why Luca Zaia-walker (pronounced ZYE as in eye) merits a character spoof à la Star Wars. He did what he did because he CAN, and only time will tell if it was worth all the negative media attention generated. I tried my best to like this premier sandwich but I’m afraid another one bites the dust. By comparison, a burger made at home (using the best italian ground beef that I could find) was a deluxe treat.

McItaly hamburger

Bringing home da burger. It didn’t look any better from the moment I opened my order at McDonald’s. The classic menu (burger+fries+drink) costs 6.70 euros, a little over 9 bucks.

Ooh, watz dat under da bun?

Splotch of artichoke spread on the top bun. In fact, what you taste at first is this spread, but the rest tastes like a naked Big Mac, perhaps even worse. The positive out of all this is that it confirms my belief that it’s better to make your own, which is what I couldn’t wait to do after that McDisappointment.


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