10th Festa del Broccoletto di Custoza

Custoza, Sommacampagna (Verona) – As the first sagra to attend for this brand new year, I think it fits the bill for getting on a healthier track after all the recent holiday feasting and imbibing. Delicious, nutritious, and now in season, this particular broccoletto is not likely to be found all across the country and availability seems to be within the local environs. The diminutive broccoletto already suggests it’s small size compared to regular broccoli. It is darker in color and the flavor is sweet with tender leaves. Harvest begins with the first frost.

Peeling eggs at the Festa del BroccolettoIf I had known that we’d be eating hard-boiled eggs I might have brought along the Tabasco sauce. Custoza’s broccoletto is best enjoyed in the simplest of ways – salt, pepper, olive oil from Lake Garda, eggs, salame and bread. This pretty much made up the whole menu, with locally baked goods available for purchase to take home. At 6.50€ a plate it was a sweet deal with hospitality to boot. Since we went in the evening, it was already too dark to take any pictures of the lovely countryside and vineyards (the area produces its own DOC bianco).

Broccoletto di Custoza
We got 2 plates of these, bottled water and the local Bardolino for only 19€ – cheap date.


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