Bah humbug!

Mister Bah humbug

And show me your documents before walking across my property! Rowf! rowf! rowf!

Well it looks like a complete bust for our initial xmas plans as the weather is predicted to bring more snow, ice and rain in the next couple of days. Within 24 hours we received just under 12 inches of the powdery white stuff – not a whole lot compared to elsewhere – but as the saying goes, it ain’t over yet. It certainly isn’t finished for the dogs who end up with hard frozen clumps stuck to their fur after diving, digging and rolling in it. Buon Natale!

The snowplow crew

Making gravlax for xmas eve dinner.

Zubrowka (zhoo-BROOF-kah) – polish bison grass vodka…great stuff!

Merry Xmas Santa!
Of course we gotta leave a bottle out for Santa.


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