When the postman comes ringing

Doggies on the loose

The above is a rare occasion when the dogs get to run loose in a deserted location without us worrying that A) the westie will become so happy to see a stranger that she runs up and pees all over him and B) the doxie runs up too, but in full defense-mode. He will bark at first, but failing that, will also get in a good nip to the shin to show that he means business. And to think that he was the runt of the litter.


2 thoughts on “When the postman comes ringing

  1. jacquesdogblog

    Haha!! Yes… We can’t let Jacques run lose without VERY close supervision. Apparently there’s an inverse relationship between speed and hearing ability in Jacques’ world – the faster he goes the worse his hearing is. Who am I kidding?? He only listens when he wants to or when “bone,” “treat,” “walk,” or “ride” is mentioned.



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