You know you’re vip (very important pals) when…

…it’s the beginning of the work week and an email announces that so-and-so’s birthday is in exactly 2 days and well, can you come over? Oh, and it’s going to be a surprise.

Another page in the cheese monkey chronicles

On Wednesday night we ate so much cheese and drank so much wine that I was sorry I had not worn stretch pants – I must’ve put on 5 pounds just looking at everything. Mortadella, salame, mostarda, speck (cured trentino ham), tuna-stuffed olives, pickled onions, fat, juicy grapes, clementine oranges and fresh pineapple; it was one thing after another as bread continued to be tossed on the table. The host kept pulling jars of stuff out of his pantry and all I’m thinking is that with pals like these, how can you go wrong? We set the gold standard for hump day, I think.

Smelly my cheese
Some sort of runny goat cheese that smelled so divine when I inhaled. Scoop to serve.

Lots o' cheese
The MotH with his Eddie tshirt. Altogether there were 8 types of cheese. Whoa smelly!

Pane e affettati
You know that you’re really good friends when layer after layer of cured meats are handed to you with nothing more than a simple “help yourself”.

Lots o' wine
Red all evening long until it was time for cake. Jaddico was especially wonderful to me.

Icing on the birthday cake
If the cake was any bigger than this I would have cried. Any BFF stories to share?

2 thoughts on “You know you’re vip (very important pals) when…

  1. alohaarttherapy

    You’ve gotta drive down to il Sette di Vino in Pienza for some grilled pecorino with rigatino!
    It’s a 2 hour drive for us from Florence & we go at least twice a month!
    (they’ll be closed for Nov tho… gotta pick those olives)
    (oh, & call ahead for a reservation & say that Kimberly sent you! 0578 749 092, they’re always closed on Wed)


    1. Rowena Post author

      It’s been a long time since we’ve been to your region so I’ll have to add this place to the list of favorites on the phone. Thanks for letting me know!



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