Mahimahi in Italy?

Mahimahi collage

Oh yes there is, but here it’s called lampuga and they come fished out of the mediterranean. I almost didn’t notice the 3 displayed on ice because of the lack of a prominent forehead, but there was something about the color of the skin that eventually gave it away, and wowowow! Was I ever in heaven! Fresh mahimahi? In ITALY??? Whether you go by the hawaiian term, or dolphin-fish, or dorado, getting it fresh is the next best thing to having your own fishing boat or being friends with someone who does.

This was going to be a very special occasion. I wanted that fish whole, and refused the offer of having it cleaned. When we got home I took a good whiff and could tell that it was indeed, quite fresh as there was no fishy odor and the flesh was firm. The next day I was still stoked over the whole thing that I pulled out my old chef’s jacket, buttoned it up and had the MotH snap some pictures. It has be said that you must be at a decent point in your life when a FISH makes you all happy. It was only 27 ounces in total weight but after cleaning and knife work, I got a couple of barely 7 ounce fillets.

Teriyaki mahimahi
A ginger-teriyaki sauce with minced garlic was the only thing it needed. I did the fillets really quick over a super hot cast iron grill. The mahimahi was soooo juicy and tender, I was quite ready to weep for joy.

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