Pane Carasau: Sardinia’s flatbread

I don’t know what it is about this particular Bourdain video but there is something to be said on the pace, the music, and the cinematography that begs me to click replay all over again. This is another side to Italy that does exist, but I have yet to experience it for myself. And that part where Bourdain casually says “somebody whippin’ out a knife” – is he from the inner city or something? I’ll laugh the next time anyone brandishes the cutlery at an italian table!

We spoiled ourselves this past weekend with deluxe fixings for italian panini. Potato chips and an icy glass of Ricard always gets the appetite rolling, and soon thereafter we were stuffing arab-style flatbread with fat pieces of oil-preserved mushrooms, roasted pork, smoked ham, melted bra and heirloom Black Krim tomatoes from the garden. The melted bra explains itself at the very end. Happy almost autumn equinox.

Ricard pastis
I’ve always liked the anise flavor from the first day I tried this.

Panino porchetta & company
Fatty, herb-n-spice porchetta (roast pork), arugula, tomatoes and plump mushrooms.

Prosciutto arrosto Tirolese
Wood-smoked ham from Alto Adige. Lightly smoked flavor that didn’t overpower tastebuds.

Panino with prosciutto arrosto
Smoked ham, peppery hot arugula, tomatoes and melted bra.

Black Krim slices
Black Krim tomatoes from the garden. I ♥ this tomato!

Melted bra

Melted bra, and a young bra at that (still very mild in flavor). Typically made with cow’s milk. It’s great on anything where you want soft, creamy, oozing cheese cloaked over everything.


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