Sagra del Cinghiale

Use of image courtesy of Flickr member curlybob0161 / CC BY-NC 2.0

Yes they are the cutest things at that size, but encountering an adult cinghiale (wild boar) in the forest could easily scare the daylights out of anyone unless that person is a hunter. Wild boar dishes are a popular item on this mediterranean peninsula, but I have no doubt that for large events, farm-raised boars are used to feed the masses. Let’s have us some pork!

The 9th edition of this sagra was held in the small town of Pontey (15 miles east of Aosta) and attracted a growing assembly of very hungry folks by the time we left the premises. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take any more photos after the Canon gave out, and cellphone pics were a disaster. The sagra menu is listed below. Everything was delicious, but they could organize things better to get the chow line moving a little faster!

Antipasti: Assiette di salumi di cinghiale (small plate of wild boar salami)
Primo: Gnocchi al ragu di cinghiale (shown below)
Secondi: Civet con porcini e mirtilli (chamois with boletus mushrooms and blueberries) or grigliate di cinghiale (grilled wild boar)
Contorni (sides): Polenta, patate con pancetta (polenta or potatoes with bacon)
Formaggi misti con mostarda di peperoni (cheese with sweet-sour bell pepper preserves)
Dessert: Torta ciliega (cherry tart)

Gnocchi al ragu di cinghiale


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