Fëta di Teteun

Fëta di TeteunTeteun – Yes it’s a part of a cow but would you wager to guess which part? This festa celebrates an exclusive specialty of Valle d’Aosta, which, if one is willing to cross that bridge, takes a little effort to wrap your mind around the whole idea. Adventurous palates, take note.

The product is achieved by soaking a bovine udder in a brine of salt, garlic and flavorings. The teteun is then boiled until tender and after draining, is pressed into molds to obtain a shape that is easy for slicing. Ever had baloney (bologna) sandwiches? The texture is the same – a little spongier perhaps. I went in with an open mind, knowing full well that in the history of many cultures, no part of the animal goes to waste. This is one subject where you can say that these mams aren’t fake at all (preservative-free too), and the flavor wasn’t bad either!

A cafeteria-style setup made it easy to select dishes that you wanted, paying at the end. Public reception must be good as this is held for 4 days. I would definitely go again! Evening entertainment, cocktail bar and the election of Miss Teteun rounds out the rest of the fun.

Tris di teteun

Teteun [teh-TEHN] 3 ways: sliced thin, plain and served with salsa verde (right), and stewed in a tomato ragu (center). Below: grilled vegetables, assorted cheese and an apple custard tart made up the rest.

Verdure grigliate Italian cheese plate Apple tart

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