Deerspotting at Torrette, Valle Varaita

So there we were, all four of us, thinking that it was high time for lunch. We walked up to a clearing and suddenly MotH says in a hushed tone of voice, “Capriolo! There, under the tree! No, make that two, no three of them!” Now I am as blind as a bat without binoculars and I thought he was just pulling my leg. Roe deer over here of all places? My thinking was that they would have either smelled or heard us long before and escaped to higher elevation.

Deerspotting at Torrette, Valle Varaita

From where we stood (about the length of a football field), my telephoto lens was probably a couple hundred bucks inadequate for the distance. They took off in a flash as soon as we edged closer, but that wasn’t the last we were to see of them. On the return we encountered one of the deer standing in the middle of the path. It cut through the woods in the direction of the village and Mister B immediately gave chase before he was stopped by a patch of thick brush. The deer, not really digging our having disrupted the peace, started barking from somewhere in the woods. It sounded like, let’s see… something that was hacking a big ball of phlegm? At first I thought it was a wild dog, not believing that deer made any kind of noise at all. Listening to this sound clip, you realize it is sooo not Bambi.

Up ahead the trail (between the field posts) was cut short by a mass of snow and rubble.


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