The Mooing Milk Machine

milkmapsI’ve written about the latte crudo (raw milk) vending machines twice before and must say that within the past six months, the popularity of these self-service operations has grown faster than I would have ever imagined. This is the first time we’ve come across a machine that moos while dispensing. Wait a sec while I run for the camera! Let’s milk another liter just for youtube!!

What initially appeared as an organic trend is now evolving into serious business with more distribution points popping up in locations all over the country. A site called Milk Maps has compiled a list of Italy’s provinces and participating distributors which neatly interfaces on Google maps. At, a free download is available for navigation systems [insert latte crudo in search bar], making the quest for farm fresh milk a simple matter of turning on your TomTom. Check out Milk Maps on Facebook under Latte Crudo. Drink it raw, baby!

I’m aware that unpasteurized milk is a controversial subject in the US, but here it seems as if there is no case for argument. The obvious plus is less plastic/Tetrapak waste going into the landfill and reduced carbon emission from the trucks that deliver industrialized milk to the markets. The only downside is that raw milk must be consumed within 2-3 days and it is suggested that you boil it first. I’ve only heated the milk when making custard base for gelato and drinking it fresh has never posed any problems.

Latte crudo e vino sfuso
Dairymen and winemakers make good neighbors? The close proximity of this milk dispenser and wine supplier (the wine is sold direct from barrels) is like getting the best of both worlds in one-stop shopping. Bring your own bottles and fill’er up.

Cheese shop to the left.


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