Doggy flirt pole

Improper, or irresponsible use of a flirt pole can cause quite a bit of controversy in some dog owner circles. I use the flirt pole as another form of exercise for Mister Bentley, and made one easily out of a bamboo stick (the kind I use to stake my tomato plants), some string and a stuffed rat toy as the “bait”. Dragging/swinging the rat low to the ground in a game of chase strengthens his coordination skills, wears down his nails, and after 10 minutes of running back and forth, zaps a lot of his puppy energy. A tired puppy is a happy one as they say, and keeps him out of trouble. Needless to say, I avoid having him jump excessively or at great heights as I’ve heard enough of how doxies are prone to spinal injuries. Let me tell you, this is the best thrill yet for Mister B but it’s totally lost on our 4-year old westie.


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