Panda Bear bread

Panda bread (unbaked)

Forever a kid – at heart. As I figured that a live panda would never cross my path in this lifetime, how could I resist an opportunity to bake one in the oven? Okay that didn’t sound right, but I came across this panda bread on Do What I Like (view in Google Chrome if Firefox or IE doesn’t work), so I Did What I Wanted and followed her translation of the japanese version. Piece of cake. Hot and fresh from the oven, all you want to do is grab a slice and smear a shameless slab of butter over it – and don’t forget that mug of hot cocoa. Talk about releasing your inner brat. It was only later when the MotH noted how my panda appeared angry that I realized a slight resemblance to Kung Fu Panda. Hmm?

Panda bread (baked)

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