Hiking Kauai: the Secret Tunnel Trail


This hike is THE ONE. The one that is enough reason to return to Kauai again. The one that with a sudden act of Mother Nature, told me in so many words “Better luck next time sistah!” Our group painstakingly trudged, crouched, scrambled and fell through mosquito-infested flora, dense bamboo groves, and low-lying branches. We crossed streams and a small river where the rocks were extremely slippery, but that was nothing compared to the viscous mud during the wet season. No legible signmarkers pointed in any direction – you just go on what information that’s given in the guidebook and hope for the best. This hike is not listed under ‘adventures’ just for the heck of it.

We almost made it to the tunnel but sudden rain was the decisive factor for our retreat. Fickle weather is not uncommon in the islands and it is always, and I mean ALWAYS, better to be safe than sorry. A flash flood watch was put into effect later in the day, probably around the time we retraced our steps back. A shame that we couldn’t complete the trek. All photos in this entry were taken by me, and if you look closely, you might see something of curious interest. We were near an area where a famous movie was filmed and I couldn’t resist!

beware-of-dog Road-to-Secret-Tunnel-trail Secret-Tunnel-bamboo-grove

1. Notice from hunters.
2. Getting to the trailhead is half the fun. After the pavement ends, it’s a bumpy ride.
3. Walking through a bamboo grove in the muck.



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