Hiking Kauai: the Awaawapuhi Trail


Nualolo Valley, Kauai – This spectacular view out to the blue Pacific lies at the very end of Awaawapuhi Trail in Kokee State Park. I’m so glad that the weather finally permitted us to make a go of it! I don’t consider this a hike in comparison to the ones I do in Italy, but more of a ramble into a humid, tropical forest. Guava, hapuu (hawaiian tree fern), lantana, passionfruit and even wild strawberry plants were among the easily identifiable vegetation along the way. Intermittent areas of dug up earth (looked as if someone had taken a hoe to the ground) were telltale signs that wild pigs or pua’a forage in the area.

About 4 hours time (counting a quick lunch at the lookout) on a walk that totaled 6.5 miles in all. From starting point to the lookout it’s a piece of cake – the path gradually descends from the trailhead – but the 3.25 mile return is a buns-of-steel workout as you make your way back up 1600 ft/488 meters. Pleasant trek all around with panoramic views at a couple of places along the way, but the best is certainly at the end. It will leave you in awe.



What appears to be a human figure above my brother’s head was actually one of those ballsy tourists who ventured along a precipitous bluff. Seriously, one slip and it would have been game over. Apparently, the guy ain’t no chicken. Trail info: Day Hikes On Kauai


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