Halalu at Hanalei pier

Hanalei pier morning

Hanalei pier at 7am in the morning. So beautiful you forget, just for a second, that you woke up at the ungawdly hour of 4:30am to gear up and drive out here for the sole reason of catching these itty bitty fish called halalu.

Now I had really hoped to tell an action-filled tale of hooking these fish by the minute but it didn’t work out that way. My dad and I got nibbles but no takers, and that’s just the way it goes with pole fishing – better luck next time. [Note to self: spinning rod, 1½-inch curly tail grub, 3-lb test] Like one guy said, “No fun when there’s all that fish and they don’t bite.” Got that right. Still, we did not go home empty-handed. The four halalu below were actually given to us by a fellow who had to leave for work. Imagine that, getting up at the crack of dawn for a little bit of fishing then running off to punch a time clock. As it turned out, he knew someone in our family and was more than happy to share his meager loot. My other bet is that he also knew I needed a noteworthy scoop. I mean, who else goes fishing and whips out a Canon to shoot pictures?

Enough to tickle the tongue. Simply gut’em and fry’em!

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