Missoltino Days

Cernobbio, Lake ComoAgone (freshwater shad) is a typical fish found in the northern lakes of prealpine Italy. They approach the rivermouth during the period between May and June, the season of reproduction. During this time, fishermen are at their busiest, hauling in the catch and then proceeding to turn the agone into a final product called missoltini. Missoltini is shad that has been dried and pressed into large cans – that’s a photo of the pressing device at right. These come vacuum sealed at the supermarkets, and serving them is a very simple affair: heated on the grill with a bit of olive oil to go with grilled polenta. We love lakefish cuisine and this is at the very top of our favorites.

Missoltini with polenta taragna (regular polenta made with the addition of buckwheat flour). Just enough excess salt in the fish to add flavor to the polenta.

Trota al cartoccio (trout that has been cooked in parchment or foil wrapping). Breaded trout fillets in a tangy sauce of vinegar, oil and herbs. I liked this a lot! Served with polenta on the side.

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