Sagra del Pane at Nivione

Nivione, Varzi – We’ve been to enough of these events to know that you should always expect the unexpected. Some are held in a little town in the middle-of-nowhere while others, like this one, appear to be right on the grounds of someone’s home. This bread sagra was held at the residence of the parish priest for example.

I merged these images together to give an idea of the dual wood-burning ovens that the baker was simultaneously working to produce hundreds of focaccina rounds. Some of you might be more familiar with the term pizza bianca. Piping hot and fragrant, you can’t help but tear into the blistered rounds.

Focaccina bread and grilled sausages and chops plus a plate of the locally produced cow’s milk cheese.

Miccone is a loaf leavened with natural yeast and lasts for several days. No trendy shapes here, just your basic peasant bread that goes well with soup, used for crostini, or eaten as is with a drizzle of good olive oil. We bought one miccone to takeaway and it’s already gone. YouTube has a clip of last year’s gathering with happy accordion music and a peek into the baker’s room. It’s lengthy (8 minutes), but no less entertaining:

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