Mister Bentley


Meet the new addition to the pack. In the states I think this type of wire-haired dachshund is called “black and tan” but here in Italy it’s either cinghiale (referring to the coloring of a wild boar) or nero focato. He isn’t pedigree material and comes from standard-size doxie parents. He was clearly the runt of the pack and much smaller than his only sister, so he shouldn’t grow to be much bigger than the westie.

The big question of course is why the name Mister Bentley? Well, remember the british guy in The Jeffersons? Adult wire-haired doxies have a characteristic beard and bushy eyebrows which we felt made them look more “distinguished”, hence a proper name was in order. I hope it turns out to be a good choice. At his first visit to the vet’s office, the mention of his name elicited a humorous response from the doctor. “Ahhhh…we have a ‘sir’ in our midst!” Sir or not, the westie is still adjusting to the new family addition. For the moment she’s giving us all the “talk to the paw” treatment.

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