Sagra degli Asparagi di bosco

Pietrafitta – where small town Italy celebrates lots of big flavor. This is wild asparagus and they seem to flourish like weeds in the region of Umbria. They don’t exactly win any beauty contests either, but that’s hardly the point at this sagra. The food is cheap, good and plenty. The people are warm, friendly and clearly proud of their umpteenth edition of the event. You plop yourself down on any of the communal-dining type benches and someone comes along with a laminated menu. Everything is ridiculously affordable, and I’m ticking off this, this, and that when someone returns in a few minutes to take our order. I really liked how organized these guys were! With great appetite comes even greater thirst, and the bottle of inexpensive local white commences the finale of a fantastic day.

Bruschette with asparagus puree and Tagliolini al Mulinaccio – delicious strands of pasta with flaked perch, asparagus and pachino tomatoes.

Creamy risotto with wild asparagus and Filetto di Maialino Umbro (tender and juicy baby pork fillet) with asparagus and walnuts. This was reaaally good, and the radicchio garnish gave a nice contrasting “bite” to the richness.

Lasagnette with asparagus – the thin, almost meager layering of pasta sheets, cheese and asparagus belied a pure and simple taste sensation – and wild asparagus frittata.

Antipastone Torrione and like I said, with great hunger comes greater thirst. We emptied this bottle before the meal was over.

Sagra degli Asparagi di bosco website


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