Tracing the path of the “Ceri”

The only way to describe the “Ceri” is to take a close look at the picture above. Standing tall and stately in Gubbio’s Basilica of Sant’Ubaldo, these wooden, hourglass-like “Candles” come off of their heavy pedestals once a year for the gathering of the Festa dei Ceri (May 15th). Each of the ceri are said to weigh over 400 kilos, that’s almost 900 pounds, and if you try to imagine these things being raced around the streets with a saint on the top, you just might be able to catch the feverish emotion that draws hundreds of people to this spring event. We knew that there would be no way to extend our stay until the 15th, so instead we traced the part of the path which zigzags up the mountain.

Gubbio map (enlarge)

The map shows where we parked at the funivia/cable car station. Follow the indications for Via Appennino. It takes about 1 – 1½ hours to the top, with beautiful views of Gubbio presenting itself at intervals on the way. This hike alternative is great if jumping onto a moving, 2-person, open-air cable car does not appeal to your sense of adventure.

During this time of year (last week of April), feathery fronds of wild asparagus flourished everywhere on the mountainside but I couldn’t find even one spear. Not even one! Early bird gets the worm…

Wild asparagus in Gubbio.


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