Happy 3rd Birthday Patatina!


She sleeps with her furry head on half of my pillow – no, make that most of my pillow – and she loves pizza crust, carrots and cheese. Actually, we call her Maddie, but she goes by many names, as in Maddie the Flowerpot Vandal, Maddie the Snow Bunny, Maddie aka “Killah” and in this instance, “La Patatina”. It was an endearment bestowed on her when a pretty young woman, in a gush of excitement, ran up to Maddie and said –

Ma non ci posso credere! Non ci posso CREDERE!! Che PATATINA! Pa-ta-tiiiiiiiiiiina!!
(I can not BELIEVE it! What a little potato! Little potatoooooooooooo!)

I don’t know what to say about this type of reaction to little dogs but italian women certainly have a way of losing themselves silly over man’s best friend. Needless to say, I pointed out to the MotH that it’s a great way to meet lovely young ladies, to which he replied, “It is – so if your friends (male) decide to come for a visit, they should pay US for having the privilege of taking the dog for a walk.”

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