Lo Zampino from Pasticceria “Da Bruno”

Dolce zampino

Caffè  Pasticceria da "Bruno", via Lelia, 24 - Reoaro Terme (VI)

Pasticceria “da Bruno”, Recoaro Terme (VI)

Lo zampino translates into ‘the little foot’ and is Pasticceria Da Bruno‘s signature specialty in the town of Recoaro Terme. I like the classic version with almonds and chocolate but the almond and citrus flavor sounds just as good. A large crowd was anticipated in town for the Chiamata di Marzo, so we arrived early to find a good viewing spot (next to Da Bruno pastry shop) and passed the time devouring these delightful fruit tarts.

Fruit tartlettes

Lo zampinoThe bread can be purchased already wrapped in gift paper or cellophane and make a thoughtful present for special occasions. See website for vendor list.

Caffè Pasticceria da Bruno
Via Lelia, 28
36076 – Recoaro Terme (VI)


2 thoughts on “Lo Zampino from Pasticceria “Da Bruno”

  1. Lisa

    Wow the Italian Treats look so delicious! I shall have to save up money and travel to Italy! It is a big favorite country to my heart and I have never been there! Hugz Lisa and Bear


    1. Rowena Post author

      We’ve got plans to head out there in a few months so it should be interesting to see if they’ll have seasonal items. I really loved those tarts!



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