Moleche – Veneto’s softshell crabs


A specialty of venetian cuisine, moleche (singular moleca) or mo’eca in veneto dialect are the most delicious things I’ve tasted since…temaki with softshell crab at a japanese restaurant. The live crabs are left to soak in beaten eggs for a couple of hours, then afterwards they get a light coating of flour before meeting their end in sizzling oil. The tricky part about making these is that they must be cooked alive – freezing them is not advised (their natural liquids will run out when they defrost).

frying_moeca2 frying_moeca1

Made plump and rich from sitting in an egg bath, these fried crabs have a taste of the sea that is to cry for. My one word of gastronomic advice if dining in Venice during spring or fall when they’re in season? Mangia le moleche.



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