Chocolates from Modica: why can’t I love a sicilian?

I like mine dark, preferably no less than 70% cacao, but at the same time I wouldn’t turn down a Ritter Sport or Snickers bar if you shoved one in my face. Be it mousse, flourless cake, brownies, truffles, cream pie or gelato, I love chocolate and all things made with it. So why can’t I love sicilian chocolate? Specifically, the famous bars from Modica?

The answer could possibly be in the appearance. It looks like chocolate that has bloomed, yet I’d be willing to bet that the grainy texture plays an even bigger role. The fact is, that’s how these chocolates are supposed to be as the traditional method used to make cioccolato modicano only allows for the cocoa butter to reach melting point, not the sugar. The resulting graininess from the sugar crystals is what gives this chocolate its distinctive quality.


Last night my husband and I tried a small piece of each of the first 4 bars, letting it melt on the tongue, trying to discern the subtle nuances, and hoping that by the 2nd one we’d both be inured to the strange mouthfeel. We agreed the almond tasted best, but concluded overall that the coarse texture was too distracting. The suggested drink is Nero d’Avola although it’s also suited to Jose Cuervo. Break out the top shelf stuff.


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