Overbearing attitude leaves bad taste in mouth

Dear Abby:
The relationship with my in-laws has always been a pretty good one but when it comes to the wife of my brother-in-law, I am nearing the boiling point! She is very opinionated and has no problem in telling you what SHE thinks, but fails to respect or recognize what anyone else has to say. During a recent lunch at the home of my in-laws, I was about to serve a main course of shepherd’s pie (which I had brought over), when the following debate ensued.

Sapientona (know-it-all) sister-in-law: “It’s a french dish.”
Me: “No, it’s english.”
Sister-in-law: “No, it’s french. I’ve seen that someplace.”
Me (thinking to myself): “What the hay? I got it from a UK site, so…”
Me again: “No, BRITISH!”

What does it matter which flag is waving over the meal? I made it, from a recipe that I found, and here she presumes and declares what it is as if I wouldn’t know the difference between a fork and a spoon! This is not an isolated case. She has always had something to ‘critique’ when it comes to what I cook. Simply put, I don’t want it to get to the point where we will avoid family gatherings altogether, but I need a civil solution. The next time somebody might get hurt, and it’s not going to be me.

Irritated in Italy

Meat and potato casserole, shepherd’s pie, or? Perhaps the next time I should stick a flag on it. Hey sapientona! You missed this one!

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