Festa delle Castagne in Monte di Malo

Monte di Malo, Vicenza (Veneto) – It’s all about tradition. Come rain or shine, there are some things that should never be missed, and we almost let a whole month go by without attending a castagnata. And while blackening (and burning) your fingertips on roasted chestnuts is de rigueur at these events, the festival’s menu is what we especially look forward to.

Event organizers had a good system planned out: get in line to place/pay for your order, take the receipt to the friendly gal at the counter, wait for your receipt # to be called out via loudspeaker, and in no time it’s buon appetito! During the wait I looked over at the dessert station as two girls made fritole calde. They worked in tandem, dropping rolled discs of dough into bubbling hot oil, then removing and draining the golden brown rounds before giving a generous sprinkling of sugar. Perfect ending to a meal, but we were already content with these.

Bigoli co’ l’arna (bigoli con l’anatra — thick spaghetti-like strands with duck)

Bigoli al cinghiale (thick spaghetti-like strands with wild boar)

Polenta e scopetòn e formajo (grilled slices of polenta with a dipping sauce of olive oil and anchovies – scopetòn – and local cheese).


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