The Big Pink Bunny…

We went, we saw, and we even walked all over and around it but what can I say? Two years exposed to the elements would do anybunny bad.

A couple of months ago I stumbled across information regarding a gigantic pink bunny in the region of Piemonte. See it for yourself by satellite on: Google Maps. Located less than 25 miles southeast of Cuneo, I begged and pleaded my husband for us to visit this odd artistic creation for ourselves, figuring that if anything, we’d atleast get a good laugh out of it and a change of scenery.

Well this what we saw. Bales of hay served as the “stuffing” which made it tricky to navigate at times – one false step and you could end up stumbling into the rabbit hole so to speak. The scariest has got to be the enormous, gaping orifice-of-a-mouth. The westie absolutely refused to go anywhere near it. We also discovered that “spilled guts” were constructed as part of the creation. It was freakishly disgusting in a way, as if the big pink bunny was chewed up by a big black wolf. I like to think that Maddie had the most fun of all running all over the place. In the photo below she was most likely looking off in the distance at that big pink bunny that she had just pee’d on…


Running down one of the bunny arms…

Taking a break on the rather collapsed belly (a bit of extra red tone for effect!)

Weed patches have already established themselves on one of the legs; intestines to the left

The mouth.

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