Sagra del Mirtillo

Blueberry cakeRasura – Mellarolo, Sondrio (Lombardia) – Sometimes the smallest morsels of fruity goodness makes for a big celebration in a little town. This past weekend in the locality of Foppa, bilberries (aka myrtle blueberry) were celebrated at the Sagra del Mirtillo. Mirtilli cooked, baked and poured in every way imagineable, I got a good peek into the kitchen as a flurry of cooks put together food and drink to feed the masses. Ravioli, risotto, polenta with venison, goat cheese, cakes, dessert and gelato. Sunday attracted a sizable crowd (doggies too) with horse rides for the kids and free berry tastings. Everything we had was delicious, from the hexagon-shaped ravioli with ricotta/berry filling to the risotto which was a little bit sweet and perfectly balanced with chicken broth. As for the polenta and venison, the cubes of meat were tender to the bite with just a hint of fruit. The most interesting dish was fresh goat cheese drowning in a pool of bilberry sauce so dark that it bordered on black. Tangy and sweet all at once, we scooped this up with bread which then disappeared into our mouths. Desserts were simple affairs and there was something called spultiscia: a bowl of wild berries crushed with sugar, all of it crowned with a dollop of freshly whipped cream. Easy, no-fuss feasting in an awesome part of Italy.

Hexagon blueberry ravioli Blueberry risotto
Polenta with venison and blueberries Caprino in blueberry sauce
Spultiscia con panna montata (crushed bilberries with added sugar and whipped cream)

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