Saturday, May 26th — Keep an eye on your bags or they’ll disappear.

With our heads full of cherished memories of Portugal, we catch the plane to Madrid for what would be the most “anything goes” part of our vacation. Anything goes to mean eat anything you want, do whatever you feel like doing, and oh, that flamenco and dinner show is going to cost 70 euros each? Well, I suppose we could just forget that. How about a bullfight? Eww… I dunno if I could handle all that blood. Tapas and sangria bar-hopping anyone? You pick, there are tons to choose from! Perhaps it was just the madness that is Madrid, but I started feeling weary from spanish overload. Sightseeing. Shopping. Suspicious of purse snatchers. (We saw signs at a restaurant and internet cafe to keep an eye on your bags.) The city beat a mean pulse until the wee hours of the morning. Daytime was quite something else. Fastfood eats that we’d never heard of before beckoned insistently. Maoz falafel sandwiches-to-go. Tantalizing baked goods at La Mallorquina on Puerta del Sol. Classy gelato at Giangrossi’s!!!


I don’t believe anyone missed the lack of an itinerary. After all, we did lounge over coffee and wrote happy postcards in one of the most loveliest squares in the world — Plaza Mayor. At three days scheduled in, this would simply be a hint of Madrid. (photo enlarges 800 x 496)

La Mallorquina – Wake early and get thyself to Puerta del Sol in the mornings, then follow your nose. So many pastries to choose from, yet my favorites were the glazed napoletanas (cream or chocolate-filled) and the flaky empanadas hiding a bonito filling. It was a savory surprise that reminded me of the sardine-n-tomato sauce dinners of my youth.

Cream Napoletanas and Bonito Empanadas

Stockpile on cookies. I flew home with a bagful of filipinos.


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