Hijack of the Hedgehog

“C’mon I wanna take it home! Just for a few photos…in the house. Then maybe we could feed it or something….in return for all the stress that we’re giving this poor thing.”

And that made the highlight of our evening stroll last night, my husband gingerly scooping up said hedgehog with his beanie cap, then both of us speedwalking back to the house with the westie in a wild frenzy all the way. Do we, as (cough) mature adults, really ever grow up?


Our temporary hijack victim was about 20cm in length (8 inches), much smaller than a large hedgehog two nights ago in the same spot. That one was simply too big to carry in a beanie. Not sure if the pair are a couple recently out of hibernation, but we’re hoping to see little hoglets running around in a few weeks.


The hedgehog is called riccio (ree-choh) in italian, a term that also applies to chestnuts (the husks) and spiny sea urchin – riccio di mare.


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