A walk in the woods

Maddie and her moo friends

The immediate area surrounding Labaroche has easy trails connecting neighboring villages within the forest, and the last few days allowed for 1/2 day excursions in the woods. One in particular was suggested by the b&b owner herself. (The view is beautiful and at the end there is a wonderful place where you can stop for lunch. The fromage blanc with kirsch – TRES BON!) Who were we to refuse such a recommendation for a place to eat? She was right, of course. The best part about the short trek (3 hours dilly-dallying roundtrip) was the meal itself – a type of savory meat pie called tourte, a fluffy omelette with bacon, and that fresh fromage blanc which was lightly sweetened with white sugar and a splash of cherry brandy. Oui, tres, tres bon, and this wraps up our french summer vacation for 2006.

Mountain refuge
Auberge Du Forlet at Lac des Truites

Whaddya want?
The friends eventually ramble over.

Purple haze
Purple haze – a field of erica calluna shrubs.


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