A day in Chimay

Chimay beerYou won’t see the monks making beer…” a matronly woman informed us at dinner. We had opted to dine with the other b&b guests that night, and I was beginning to think that we had just sat down next to one of those know-it-all types.

Abbey Scourmont, where they make the trappist beer, took us a few miles out of Chimay to Forges. But before heading over there we stopped at a restaurant suggested by the T.I. office. What to eat in Belgium? How about a really satisfying lunch of steamed, garlicky mussels and some large meatball thingies filled with Chimay cheese. This, of course, had to be followed by a plate of Chimay cheeses and more beer. Of the three labels (being red, white, and blue), we tried the “white label” – the only one that we’ve never found in Italy. This trappist stuff kicks!

Chimay cheese

In the end we did see a trappist monk at the abbey’s reception window (a man dressed like one anyway). And like we had been told earlier, viewing of the grounds only. The adjacent woods have footpaths which made for a pleasant walk after that heavy lunch and a chance for the westie to go offleash for a quick run.

Maddie at Abbey Scourmont


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