Bard-lès-Époisses and the village of Chocolat

les Anis de Flavigny

We stayed in the Bourgogne region for only a couple of days, something we planned to do because of Alain Hess’ fromagerie (formerly Tast Fromages on rue Carnot) and also for a visit to the place where Chocolat was filmed. Even without Depp or Binoche there to greet you, Flavigny-sur-Ozerain is a charming little village to seek out if you happen to be in the area. It was really quiet during our visit but we did check out the little shop les Anis de Flavigny that sells pearl-like hard candies in all sorts of flavors.

Le Colombier

The real surprise of this stopover was the b&b that we booked through Franca Pannier serves a nice breakfast with coffee, apple cider, baguettes, assorted fruit preserves, fresh butter, and a homemade cake in the mornings. Her country maison is gorgeous and what we liked best about our room were the bathroom doors. On it, pencil inscriptions of the name, date, and height marks illustrated at least a couple generations worth of the previous owners. I think the earliest date was sometime around the early 30’s. When we commented about the doors, Ms. Pannier told us that she didn’t have the heart to paint over them and we couldn’t have agreed more.


This is the view upon driving into Semur-en-Auxois. France is full of pretty villages like these.

Highlights of Bard-lès-Époisses

AOC regulated cheese: Epoisses (fine-textured pâte, strong in smell and taste)
Where to buy: Epoisses (centreville – Fromagerie Berthaut)
Other fromagerie within Côte d’Or: Alain Hess 5 rue du Lt Dupuis (Beaune)
Bed & Breakfast: Le Colombier


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